Monday, November 23, 2009

Barely back! Heart It!!!


~~Milky Yellow~~

~~Killer Red~~

~~Pure White~~

~~ Orangey~~

~~ Strikey Yellow~~

~~ Mysterious Black~~

~~ Purplish~~

~~ Heartly Red~~

~~ Cool Blue~~

The ZooM In...

Size: UK 6 to 12
Length: 60cm
Material: Soft Quality Cotton
Details: Nicely layered ruffles with thin cross linings softly rounding the ruffles
Colour: Milky Yellow, Killer Red (Sold), Pure White, Orangey, Stripey Yellow,Mysterious Black (Sold), Purplish(Sold), Hearty Red, Cool Blue (Sold)
RM 36 **HOT BUY ITEM!!!**
Status: Available